A few reasons why we think Goldenway Golden Retrievers are special....... 

Goldenway Retrievers has 30 years of exceptional high quality breeding experience with American and European Golden Retrievers. We are a small hobby breeder located in the beautiful Nashville, Tennessee area.            
We pride ourselves in careful, thoughtful choices in each of our breedings to ensure the best in health, beauty and even temperament.         
Our Goldens come from outstanding lineage and Champion bloodlines. Many of our Goldens are direct imports in from Poland, Columbia and Canada! We have both light American and European Golden Retrievers. Each of our parents has proper health testing and screenings on their Hips, Elbows, Heart, and Eyes to ensure the best in health.
Temperament testing is provided on all our puppies to assist you in selecting the best match upon placement into your home and family. Puppies are affectionately raised with our family to provide proper socialization and the finest in family and child companions. Therapy, Service, Conformation, Field, Agility, Obedience or Best Friend!  

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Goldenway Retrievers


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Our puppies are neurologically stimulated which produces dogs who have healthier cardiovascular performance. This means stronger hearts, stronger adrenal glands, increased tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease.                                                                              Our retrievers are naturally weaned by the mother (not typical of most breeders) producing pups who have an increase in self-control, relational comfort with other dogs, patience and attention span... while also experiencing a decrease in aggression towards people and other dogs. 
Our puppies have been exposed to common noises and sounds such as children playing & crying, vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms and fireworks. This helps to produce a dog who is confident, calmer and less stressed... all of which makes for easier trainability.

Goldenway Retrievers