Couple of shots of Biggio – can’t believe he will be three years old! I can’t remember exactly what day they were born, but I believe it was the 23rd. Hope Cloud and Boomer are still doing well! Allison G.


Just thought you'd like to see Sara's new family. We took her to the beach yesterday. This was obviously a new experience for her. She loved being able to just run and play with other dogs on the beach. She is a sweet and lovely girl. Thanks! Vickie and Tom       



Mary Ann, hope you are doing well. David and I wanted to send you a couple of photos of
Hadley. She will be two in September and is doing great. She has trained with Abby on three different occasions and we have had great experiences with Darkwood. Hadley travels with us and is with David 24 hours as his service animal. Hadley's is a great companion and has been a great addition to our family. We are totally and completely in love!!! You should be very proud of the Golden's that your kennel produces they are wonderful animals. Everywhere we take her people compliment us on her and how well behaved and beautiful she is. Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful girl.
Best Regards, Gary and David

Hi Mary Ann, We have had agreat weekend getting to know our little Lyza!


He gets probably 20 kisses and hugs a day from us. We are all completely in love with him! Shelly


 Mary Ann,                                                                                                           Our family wanted to give you some updates on our Beautiful puppy we got from you back in May. First off we want to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for providing such an amazing breed of dog. We cannot tell you how pleased we are to have had gotten a dog from you. We have had numerous amounts of compliments on how beautiful he is for one, and just on how his mannerism is. He is a perfect addition to our family and he has brought us so much joy. We couldn’t be happier. I have to tell you how good Makayla has done with him. We as her parents are really impressed with the dedication our daughter has shown in making sure her dog is trained properly and has taken so much  pride in seeing her hard work pay off. Beau is doing very well, in fact, we had him in a 6 week course to help Makayla with Training tips and of course Beau learning as well, and Beau was by far the best trained and behaved dog at the class. The teacher was so impressed with Beau and also that an 11 year old kid was responsible for 95% of his training! Just thought you would like to hear and see how he is doing. I hope all has been well with you and your family. Thank you again,

Love, Marcus, Jennifer, Makayla and Danica 

I wanted to send you a picture of Culper. He is so sweet and we feel so blessed to have him!             Thank you Anne S.  


Hi Maryann, It was great talking with you last night! As I mentioned, we got a Boomer/Spirit puppy from you July 2011. He was a puppy from the May 19, 2011 litter and Knox is the best dog! He is so loving and brings so much happiness to us and everyone he meets. Knox is very well-behaved and very smart. He loves other dogs and all people. He has never been aggressive toward anyone or anything. Knox loves to play fetch and will out run any dog to get the ball. He is a beautiful boy that gets many compliments. I am so grateful for him. Your puppies are by far the best and I will be back! Thank you so much for breeding two great dogs that produce wonderful offspring!
Brianne H


Hi Mary Ann, I  just finished walking Kaki this morning and we are cooling down with some light fetching. I caught this shot of her and wanted to pass it along to you. I personally feel it's website worthy but of course I'm bias ;) We sure are thankful for our precious girl every day and can't believe she is 3 years old! I hope all is well on your end at Goldenway! I saw where Sarah has gone to a lovely new home and Boomer seems to be just as handsome as ever. All of your dogs are just beautiful standouts. I would have 5 if I could ;) Go Goldenway! 


Bella cruised through all her training to become a therapy dog. The local folks said she was going to be absolutely great at it. She passed all her courses on the first try. Never had to come back for a second go around. First time they’ve seen this out of the Birmingham office. They are just thrilled to have her. She is such a wonderful companion. We are thrilled to have her with us.


Attached are a couple of photos of Wrigley at 14 weeks. He is an outstanding dog. You can tell he is handsome but I know that you also breed temperament and he is so good. He is relaxed, playful and sweet as he can be. Your recommendation to have him trained by Abigail Hyndman of Darkwood Dog Training was a real winner. I was somewhat skeptical of training that young but I was wrong. Abigail did a fantastic job with him and has given us a real head start on having an obedient and well adjusted dog. I also think that your recommendation to wait until 8 weeks to start the training was correct. The only hard part was giving him up for three weeks after being with him a week but it was worth it. I am sure that we will be sending people your way when they are ready for a dog. You made our puppy adoption a very good experience. Cindy and I both highly recommend Goldenway!
Doug & Cindy


Thought you might want to see how our new puppy is doing. We decided to call her Harper and she adjusted very well. She was completely crate trained the day she went home and had a clean bill of health from our Vet.   She is a very special girl and I can not thank you enough for a wonderful girl. No surprise she loves water. Here she is waiting patiently for her pool to get filled up. Gabe  


I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we are with our Trophy which came from your wonderful kennel. It is rewarding to meet someone who takes such care of their dogs and treats customers so well. Thank you! Jeffrey Buntin and Family   

Mary Ann, I am writing to tell you that Camo is doing awesome. We have started obedience classes and he is by far the top of the class. He started class at 8 weeks and was way in front of the dogs that were 15-20 weeks old. Our Instructor says he is by far one of the best dogs he has ever trained. He is amazingly smart and just picks up on every detail of everything that goes on around him. Our son Matthew loves him so much and if it were not for your kind generosity Matthew who as you know is our 5 year old autistic child with epilepsy would not have such a wonderful dog as a future service companion. I will say that he is by far one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen and very loving companion for Matthew and our entire family. I remember spending months searching all over with my wife trying to figure out how we could afford to get him a dog to train as his service companion. I will never forget the night that I called you after seeing your website online and talking to you about our situation and how we could ever afford to do all of this for him. You not only helped us with questions that we had and suggested other ideas to us but donated one of your amazing puppies to our child so that we could make these dreams and ideas all possible for him. You and your family are truly amazing people and for that we are truly grateful. 
Thank You and God Bless, The Pedersons     


Mary Ann, I just wanted to email you a picture of Riley right around 1 year 1 month. He's a very active puppy, loves to play outside with his kong frisbee and squeaky tennis ball toy. He is on grain free food but loves an occasional great of peanut butter in his kong or a carrot here and there. He loves to run and play with the dogs at the dog park near us and enjoys the water! We just thought you might want to see how he's turned out 1 year later. He's such a sweet baby and we love him so much. 
This picture below was taken in the hallway during the morning. He either sits right on my feet when I'm getting ready or on the runner in the hallway.

Best, Sarah       


Mary Ann, He is doing well and we love him so much! He gets walked once in the morning and once at night. He is crate trained and stays inside our house all year with many play breaks in our fenced in back yard. He often gets to take a trip to the grandparents farm in Maryville where we take him out on the boat and he loves the water..

He loves squirrels and birds and of course his special peanut butter treats. He has learned many commands and doesn't get on the furniture. He is in good health and we wouldn't trade him for a million bucks! Andy M.    


Hello Mary Ann, Hope all is going well. I wanted to share with you a couple of photos taken this week of Luke. He is such a good looking boy, we have people coming out of buildings to see him when we walk. Best of all, he's just a doll. Without doubt he is one of the smartest, best behaved puppies that I have seen or heard of! In "puppy training" class we hear the horror stories ... ruined furniture, disobedience and difficult to walk. Not Luke, he has never touch a pierce of furniture, understands I think everything we say .... he happily obeys. And going for walk ... it is just so much fun because of how well walks. I know I probably sound like many proud puppy owners, but we have many friends with dogs and they all say the same thing ... Luke is amazing! :-) I'm sure Kim and my flexible work schedules and the time this has allowed us to spend with Luke has accounted for some of this, but Luke's mom and dad have to be wonderful dogs as well! Anyway, just want to say thank you again and let you know he's doing very, very well.

Warm Regards,
Bill and Kim F.





Golden Retriever Puppies Adoption

Hi Mary Ann, Thanks for talking with me over the weekend. We love our Bailey sooooo much. In our marriage, we have had 2 Golden Retrievers who have given us a total of 30 years of unconditional love. Baily is a wonder and lovable puppy. She is so quick to learn and sooo will willing to please. At 12 wks old, she comes when called, sits on command and is already going to the door to go "potty".
Karen and Dan from Alabama 


Golenway pups!!............

Mary Ann, As we approach the anniversary of the day we brought Birdie home (last January 6 I believe), I wanted to reach out and let you know what an amazing year we've had her. It all sounds so cliché, but she has literally changed our life with the energy and joy she brings to each day. She couldn't have been a better puppy (housetrained and almost immediately) or dog (has yet to eat anything but a stray dryer sheet and occasional used sock), and perhaps most importantly, she is eternally happy. Birdie goes to work with us every day- most days with my husband, who works at a small family business where she has brought new life to the office. She actually has customers who now come to the office in person to pay bills just to visit her. Birdie is playful, friendly and gentle. In other words she is pretty much perfect and we love her dearly. I attached are two pictures. One from her as a puppy in March and the one from last month just for fun. Hope all is well at your house and that you and your family have a great holiday. Best, Arren and Bill  


Goldenway Retrievers    

Hi Mary Ann! We are blessed to have found you--such beautiful babies! Attached are pictures of Ranger and Dacey. Your litters are wonderful--so smart!!
Debbie and Pete  

Hi Mary Ann

I just wanted to write you and tell you how in love Orion and I are with our pup - we named him Walter and he's the love of our lives! We can't get over how smart he is and how fast he's growing! I'm picking him up and holding him as much as I can before he's just too big, which I'm sure is coming sooner than I'd like. He can be a menace at times (he loves to steal slippers), but he is truly one of the most loving, loyal dogs I've been around. I work full time as a photographer and I have to say, Walter is my new muse! I wanted to share a few photos of him from a few weeks back. I had to bring him into our studio for some puppy pictures! I can't thank you enough for everything, and we are truly so happy we got our pup from you! The trip was well worth it! Hope all is well, Heather


I wanted to send a few pictures of Duke. He is the puppy we bought from you earlier this year. He is absolutely gorgeous and well behaved. He is extremely smart and does not require a lead.  Thank you again for your help and I will continue to recommend Goldenway! Thanks, Gary C.



Where do i begin with our wonderful Charlie? I had wanted a puppy so badly for our family.  I spent months and months researching and trying to convince my husband! My searches led me to Mary Ann, and what a blessing it has been. I trusted Mary Ann right away, she was so knowledgeable about EVERYTHING, and gave me wonderful advice. I wanted her to pick out the puppy in the little that she thought was right for us, and she picked us out the most amazing dog on earth! Mary Ann told me that they breed for temperament, and that is the absolute truth. 
All our Charlie wants out of life is to be snuggled and loved on! He is the most gentle animal i have ever been around. It is truly an amazing sight to see. All our friends love him so much! he is just wonderful with children and everyone We have a one year old little baby girl now, and he will just sit and let her love on him. I also feel so safe with Charlie in the house. My husband works late nights, and Charlie has a very BIG bark for such a gentle guy!  He always warns me if someone is outside and I feel so much better being home alone with the kids. Also, Charlie is so beautiful with his cream colored coat! Everyone that meets him always compliments on how beautiful he is and how sweet his is.  We have friends and family members that have purchased Mary Ann's puppies because they love our Charlie so much. I know i'll have another one of Mary Ann's puppies one day so Charlie can have a buddy. Mary Ann is an amazing woman, breeder and now friend of mine and I can not say enough good things about her and her Goldenway Kennels! Charlie is a dream dog, and part of our family. I can not imagine life without him!!!
Love, Kiki Sherrill


Goldenway Retrievers